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If you are under water with one or more short term payday loans, we can help get you out of the overwhelming cycle of payday debt. Based on the information you provide to us we will match you with a consolidation company that will help you pay off your payday loans by consolidating your monthly payments into one that is affordable and based on your budget. You won't have to scramble for those large payments every two weeks which don't even touch your principal loan amount.

Please note we do not provide loans, but rather offer a more affordable solution to your existing debt problems.

Once you speak with a specialist they will explain the options available to you and the necessary steps required to consolidate and pay off your payday loans.

Congratulations on taking the first step to break the cycle of debt!


Managing a high interest payday debt while paying bills and making ends meet can be overwhelming. Often times payday lenders simply use your monthly payments to pay down the interest rate while never reducing the principal balance. All too often this can pile up until it feels like there is no way to reduce your debt. With the constant onslaught of interest fees continuing to skyrocket, making the minimum payments can often times seem futile.

Stop Loan Debt can match you with a consolidation company that will help you manage all of the debt that you have and reduce it down to one reasonable payment. Consolidating your debt can often prove to be a difficult task in many cases. Multiple payday loans require a weekly or bi-weekly payment, and they require the customer to pay multiple finance charges and a possible renewal fee. A customer might spend more than half of their income each pay period, due to the finance charges and renewal fees alone. We can help find you the relief you need from payday loan debt today.

The loan consolidation contract alleviates the monthly struggle of paying multiple payday loans individually. The service reduces the stress associated with unsuccessful attempts to payoff multiple payday loans at once. The consolidation company will take into consideration your current income rather than your past credit history and will offer you a solution based on the money you make today. If you have regular income to pay off the new loan you can consolidate all, or at least much of the debts you owe into one monthly payment.

This service is designed to be a simple and effective way to consolidate payday loans and keep the mound of bills from getting higher. Your agent will negotiate with the lenders to reduce your monthly payment and help you settle your debt. They will help devise a repayment program that is right for your situation and work with the lenders when they won't work with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do you begin settling accounts?
Every agency is different, but generally the consolidation company will begin to verify your debts and negotiate them down within the first month of enrollment in a program.
Do the programs affect my credit?
Typically most pay day loan companies don't report to the 3 major credit bureaus and you have nothing to worry about. If they do report to the credit bureaus, this may have a negative effect on your credit rating. Your consolidation specialist will guide you through this process.
How long does it take to complete the program?
The programs are typically 3-6 months long. The amount of debt you have and what you can afford will play an important role in determining the term.
What is the cost of your program?
The cost of the program is specific to your individual, unique situation. There should be NO UPFRONT FEES and the cost should be spread across the term of your program. With fees included, your monthly payment is many times half of what you are currently paying but only for a short few months. Your payday specialists will always make sure you can afford the program. Their goal is to put you in a comfortable financial situation and remove all financial strains.
Can I cancel if I don't feel the program is right for me?
You should be able to cancel the program at any time. All consolidation companies have different policies, please review the cancellation policy thoroughly before signing your contract.
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